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DW ADA Transition ImplementationActive$237,390
DW Batting Cage UpgradeActive$36,174
DW CIP3 MASTERActive$376,485
DW Classroom Projection Screen ReplActive$81,765
DW Classroom Security HardwareActive$1,876,163
DW EAS Speaker Coverage ExpansionActive$458,164
DW Emergency Generators ProjectActive$57,947
DW EV Charging Stations ExpansionActive$373,613
DW Fire Alarm Panels UpgradeActive$3,457,808
DW Interior LED Lighting RetrofitActive$155,579
DW Network Core Switch UpgradeActive$195,201
DW Network Firewall Switch ReplacmtActive$646,793
DW Network Switch Upgrade (10 GB)Active$2,074,922
DW Project Requirements/ComplianceActive$9,432,293
DW Server ReplacementActive$1,846,049
DW Signage UpgradesActive$160,719
DW Solar and Energy StorageCancelled$192,565
DW Symetra UPS Device (MPOE) ReplaceActive$243,745
DW Technology ReplacementActive$2,066,500
DW Telephone System ReplacementActive$1,071,815
DW UPS Device (MDF/IDF) ReplacementActive$345,004
DW Video Camera ReplacementActive$760,181
DW Video Server UpgradeActive$301,599
DW Wireless Access Point (WAP) ReplActive$527,485