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CAN Access Compl. Corrective ItemsComplete$716,836
CAN B13 Multiple Program Instructional CenterActive$14,995,372
CAN B16/18 Secondary Effects (Refresh of Science Classrooms that were transferred from B23)Complete$244,585
CAN B1N Kinesiology and WellnessComplete$117,481,883
CAN B22 Swing Space (B13 Occupant Temp Space, Permanent Space for Public Safety, Early Childhood Education and Animation Labs)Complete$5,102,318
CAN B23N Math/Science/TechComplete$61,729,917
CAN B9 Ext Envelope Leak RepairsComplete$5,476,882
CAN B9 Reconfiguration (Programs for Veterans, DREAM, Transfer, Financial Aid, International, Multicultural)Complete$498,585
CAN Central Plant UpgradeComplete$4,099,792
CAN Emergency Building RepairsComplete$448,095
CAN Small ProjectsComplete$283,907
CAN Technology and EquipmentComplete$1,200,000