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CAN B23N Math/Science/Tech

The new Science and Technology Building will house 50,000 square feet of classrooms, laboratory classrooms and offices for the College’s Science, Mathematics and Technology programs. In addition, the existing exterior space, enclosed by Buildings 16, 17, 18, and 22, will be improved to be a functional and attractive plaza. The new building will provide a modern instructional facility for mathematics, lab sciences and technology. Along with the adjacent plaza, the building will draw students to the north end of the central circulation corridor of the campus.

Budget: $61,729,919

Status: Active

Master Bond Project List Type:
I.A - Prepare students for high-demand 21st century jobs by constructing and upgrading classrooms, labs and job training facilities

I.B - Modernize or construct science, engineering and math classrooms and labs

I.G - Upgrade computer labs and classroom technology to support quality teaching and learning

I.K - Reduce operating costs and preserve the environment by installing renewable and alternative energy systems

I.L - Renovate or construct interior and exterior instructional and support facilities

II.B - Upgrade science and engineering lab equipment