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CAN B13 Multiple Program Instructional Center

This modernization project will provide flexible classroom layouts with hyflex technology, a new Distance Learning facility, rehabilitate faculty offices, and address accessibility issues for compliance with current codes. Lighting, mechanical, telephone/data equipment will be upgraded. Mechanical work (BMS controls) and air conditioning units (AC) units serving computer labs will be replaced.

Budget: $14,995,372

Status: Active

Master Bond Project List Type:
I.A - Prepare students for high-demand 21st century jobs by constructing and upgrading classrooms, labs and job training facilities

I.C - Update campus facilities to improve access for disabled students

I.H - Improve classrooms and educational facilities to meet earthquake, fire and safety codes

I.I - Modernize or construct classrooms and other facilities for workforce training; multidisciplinary academic areas; kinesiology; physical training; public safety; early-childhood education; and for humanities, social sciences and fine and performing arts activities

I.L - Renovate or construct interior and exterior instructional and support facilities

I.M - Install security, video and communications systems to improve safety at the Colleges

I.O - Repair or install erosion control, landscaping and wildfire mitigation

I.R - Modernize roadways, walkways, parking, signage and transit facilities to improve accessibility, circulation, safety, disaster and emergency response

II.A - Provide high quality instructional equipment for 21st century learning and job training

II.F - Renovate, upgrade or install network infrastructure to support instructional and web based student support services including distance learning and online classes, and administrative services