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Acacia Renovation Phase IIIComplete$735,627
Admin and Student Services Remodel and ConsolidationComplete$153,733
Automotive TechnologyComplete$17,745,588
Campus Contingency - EvergreenActive$0
Campus Environmental ControlActive$0
Campus Site ImprovementsComplete$4,201,371
Campus Water Service Replacement ProjectComplete$814,505
Central GreenComplete$3,022,340
Central Plant and Police RenovationComplete$15,001,807
Election/Legal/EIR/DO Labor and Related (3% of const hard costs)Consolidated$0
Energy Efficiency - PhotovoltaicComplete$10,841,425
Engineering and Applied TechnologyCancelled$74,520
EVC - Future ProjectsComplete$0
EVC Utility Updating and MappingComplete$126,121
EVC VehiclesActive$200,572
EVC: Campus Painting ProjectComplete$0
Exterior Lighting Upgrade Phase IIConsolidated$0
Group II EquipmentActive$969,741
Gullo 2nd Floor - Student Services Center RenovationComplete$545,605
Gullo Student Space Repurpose and RenovationComplete$2,063,851
Hardscape- Circulation and PlazasConsolidated$0
IT and Tech Equipment - EVCActive$5,468,541
IT Infrastructure ImprovementsActive$8,241,966
Management and Related Costs (3% of const hard costs)Consolidated$0
Montgomery Hall Interior UpdatingComplete$336,380
MS3 Exterior Stair LightingActive$162,344
New Campus Police BuildingCancelled$0
Parking Lot and Street RepairsComplete$1,155,278
Parking Lot Remediation- Phase IIComplete$3,315,167
PE ADA Improvements - Pathways / FieldhouseComplete$1,134,553
Physical Education Accessibility ImprovementsComplete$1,210,696
Physical SecurityComplete$637,431
Relocate EVC's Telephone MPOE to Central Utility BuildingComplete$172,809
Repurpose Gullo IIDeferred$0
Roble Demolition - Acacia AlterationsComplete$6,699,838
San Felipe Digital Message SignComplete$842,465
Signage and WayfindingComplete$1,616,483
Small Capital RepairsActive$15,187,908
Small Capital Repairs - Facilities Upgrades - EVCActive$5,468,541
South Campus DevelopmentComplete$45,703,845
Technology UpgradesActive$2,205,671
Utilities Projects and UpgradesComplete$961,997
Vehicular CirculationConsolidated$0