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District Wide - General
Central Kitchen - Lease Option$0
District Corporation Yard$1,542,249
District Office - Lease Option$3,433,872
District Wide Security$35,293
DSA Legacy Project Closeout$217,453
Energy Efficiency / Solar Projects$0
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment$1,001,115
Hazardous Material Removal$452
Interim Housing$0
Moving and Storage$48,324
Playgrounds / Landscaping / Fields$274,140
Property Acquisition/Improvement$4,053,283
Purchase of District-Leased Portable Classrooms$41,871
Total for District Wide - General:$10,648,052
Program Costs
Bond Program Admin Expenses$3,550,000
Bond Program Miscellaneous Expenses$1,757,352
Bond Program Planning$1,300,000
Total for Program Costs:$6,607,352
Technology - Data Infrastructure$475,602
Total for Technology:$4,278,260
Growth Contingency$338,570
Program Contingency$2,343,969
Total for Contingency:$2,682,539
Grand Total: $24,216,203