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SKY B2 Workforce/Economic Develop

This project provides a readily accessible integrated service center linking the public with services, opportunities, and instruction, to help build personal and community economic sustainability. In particular it addresses the specific needs of students by linking their educational experience with the job market and long term careers. The services consist of three strands: employment/career services, Income/work supports, and financial services/asset building. This 10,930 ASF facility includes a job placement center, resource libraries, international trade and development center, center for workforce development, and an English language institute. Located in Building 2 - the Campus Center - part of the project includes activating 7,897 asf of unassigned space. Improvements also include upgrades to base building utility systems such as power, lighting, data, security, HVAC and plumbing.

Budget: $18,882,050

Status: Active

Master Bond Project List Type:
I.A - Prepare students for high-demand 21st century jobs by constructing and upgrading classrooms, labs and job training facilities

I.C - Update campus facilities to improve access for disabled students

I.H - Improve classrooms and educational facilities to meet earthquake, fire and safety codes

I.I - Modernize or construct classrooms and other facilities for workforce training; multidisciplinary academic areas; kinesiology; physical training; public safety; early-childhood education; and for humanities, social sciences and fine and performing arts activities

I.L - Renovate or construct interior and exterior instructional and support facilities

I.M - Install security, video and communications systems to improve safety at the Colleges

I.O - Repair or install erosion control, landscaping and wildfire mitigation

I.R - Modernize roadways, walkways, parking, signage and transit facilities to improve accessibility, circulation, safety, disaster and emergency response

II.A - Provide high quality instructional equipment for 21st century learning and job training

II.F - Renovate, upgrade or install network infrastructure to support instructional and web based student support services including distance learning and online classes, and administrative services