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SKY B1 Social Science/Creative Arts

Replacement of Building 1, retaining and upgrading first floor east area including boiler room, ceramics, MPOE, and classroom. Includes new South campus entry with hardscape and landscaping. Project is on HOLD

Budget: $9,156,234

Status: Active

Master Bond Project List Type:
I.A - Prepare students for high-demand 21st century jobs by constructing and upgrading classrooms, labs and job training facilities

I.C - Update campus facilities to improve access for disabled students

I.D - Modernize decades-old aging infrastructure including leaking roofs and deteriorating electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems

I.F - Remove hazardous materials, including asbestos, from College facilities

I.G - Upgrade computer labs and classroom technology to support quality teaching and learning

I.H - Improve classrooms and educational facilities to meet earthquake, fire and safety codes

I.I - Modernize or construct classrooms and other facilities for workforce training; multidisciplinary academic areas; kinesiology; physical training; public safety; early-childhood education; and for humanities, social sciences and fine and performing arts activities

I.J - Replace aging heating, ventilation and air conditioning infrastructure with energy-efficient systems

I.L - Renovate or construct interior and exterior instructional and support facilities

I.M - Install security, video and communications systems to improve safety at the Colleges

I.N - Repair or replace furniture, fixtures and finishes throughout the College District

I.O - Repair or install erosion control, landscaping and wildfire mitigation

I.R - Modernize roadways, walkways, parking, signage and transit facilities to improve accessibility, circulation, safety, disaster and emergency response

I.S - Demolish outdated, non-code-compliant structures

II.A - Provide high quality instructional equipment for 21st century learning and job training

II.D - Replace or upgrade computers and technology equipment

II.E - Upgrade network infrastructure and telephone systems

II.F - Renovate, upgrade or install network infrastructure to support instructional and web based student support services including distance learning and online classes, and administrative services

II.G - Replace or upgrade computer hardware and software, including audio visual equipment and communication systems