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ADA Transition PlanConsolidated$0
Asphalt WalksConsolidated$0
ATC Central Plant Sound AttenuationComplete$686,818
Auto TechnologyComplete$4,064,329
AV/Low TechActive$17,683
Baldwin Winery & East Cottage "Historic Renovation"Complete$6,159,985
Baseball & Softball FieldsConsolidated$0
Campus Center Phase IIComplete$2,156,931
Campus DriveActive$3,721,756
Campus Exterior LightingComplete$553,579
Campus Exterior Lighting Phase IIConsolidated$0
Campus Site Lighting (Phase I)Complete$662,686
Campus Wide Electronic LocksActive$1,559,134
Campus Wide Replacement/Repair of Interior and Exterior FinishesComplete$1,259,670
CDC Playground Maintenance & Shade StructureComplete$439,291
Combined Site ImprovementsComplete$8,580,539
Construct New Covered Gathering AreaConsolidated$0
Construct New Transit CenterCancelled$18,319
Construct Parking Lot KConsolidated$0
Corporation YardComplete$4,008,793
De Anza Program ContingencyActive$64,781
Demolition of Staff HouseConsolidated$0
East Cottage "Historic Renovation"Consolidated$0
Elevator Upgrades - Campus WideComplete$733,108
Environmental Studies AreaComplete$972,869
Financial Aid Outreach OfficeConsolidated$0
Fire Alarm System Replacements Phase IIComplete$284,997
Flint Parking Structure RepairsComplete$6,946,144
Furniture and Equipment (Excluding Tech Related Equipment) De AnzaActive$15,857,559
Furniture Refresh for Students, Faculty, Staff and AdministratorsActive$2,743,411
Group II EquipComplete$1,900,378
Install Photovoltaic Arrays - Campus WideComplete$11,732,597
Irrigation - BranchesConsolidated$0
L5 Central PlantConsolidated$0
L-7 Phase IIComplete$2,566,379
Landscaping Phase IIConsolidated$0
L-Quad SeatingComplete$158,918
Master Landscaping (Phase I)Cancelled$0
Media & Learning CenterComplete$49,972,863
Multicultural CenterConsolidated$0
New Multi Media, Then RefreshComplete$2,102,269
Outdoor Furniture Update and RefreshActive$410,000
Parking and CirculationConsolidated$0
PE Quad BreezewayConsolidated$0
Phase II - Renovation of A9Cancelled$0
Planetarium ExpansionConsolidated$0
Planetarium Roof ReplacementActive$131,516
Refresh Multi Media RoomsActive$3,775,895
Renovation of Admin. Phase IICancelled$0
Repair Stone Pavers in Court YardsConsolidated$0
Repair Tile RoofsComplete$5,293,951
Resurface Parking Lots E & IConsolidated$0
Roof and Trellis Repair: PE 1-2-6 & S7 - 8Complete$1,562,017
S2- S6 Phase II - Utility Master Plan - Phase IComplete$14,822,225
Secured Bicycle Storage for StudentsComplete$227,117
Seminar Building & Multicultural CenterComplete$5,000,053
Signage (Phase I)Complete$671,069
Signage and WayfindingActive$903,015
Slip Line Storm Drain Main LinesConsolidated$0
Slurry Seal Lots A, B, and Flint Center Parking GarageConsolidated$0
Small Capital Repairs - De AnzaComplete$3,174,620
Stadium and TrackComplete$7,976,644
Student Lab ADA Accessibility ProjectActive$1,165,000
Sunken GardenConsolidated$0
Swing SpaceComplete$1,238,195
System Wide InfrastructureActive$500,000
Window Replacement Campus-wideComplete$405,845
Wireless Infrastructure- Phase II & IIIConsolidated$0